Our Ethos & Values

To create a homely, supportive and inspiring environment for residents, staff and relatives. Encouraging all to achieve their goals and experience a life worth living through the promotion of choice, independence and fulfilment. To have an open and honest culture, learning from our mistakes and striving to constantly improve and innovate.

OPPORTUNITIES – Try new things
INDEPENDENCE – Develop new skills
COMMUNITY – Inclusion
ENGAGEMENT – Meaningful

My way

  • Ensure all staff are able to communicate effectively with all our residents, by learning individual’s needs and communication preferences and creating a total communication environment.
  • Ensuring communication methods and aids used by individuals are available at all times.
  • Ensuring staff are trained to use total communication strategies, tools and techniques.
  • Ensuring all records and reports are accessible and in a format that residents can understand.
  • Care plans and hospital passports contain information to ensure everyone working with an individual knows how they communicate.
  • Continually find innovative ways to support individual’s communication needs, utilising technology to assist with communication.

My home

  • Spend time listening to residents to get to know them and their needs.
  • Ensure residents are involved in the running of their home, including menus, cooking, décor, design, laundry, cleaning etc.
  • Ensure the building meets the physical and mental needs of the residents by gaining feedback from residents, staff and relatives.
  • Ensure residents have choice over the décor and contents of their room.
  • Provide the specialist equipment required to meet our resident’s needs, by assessing on-going changes and needs.
  • Ensure the building and equipment are safe, clean and well maintained, by regular audits and inspections, and feedback from residents, staff and relatives.
  • Follow agree procedures and standards in working practices to provide a safe and effective service to others.
  • Ensure that staff are warm, kind, reliable, empathetic and compassionate to the residents they support.

Try new things

  • Provide access and encourage engagement for staff and residents in, ongoing training and development, ensuring knowledge and skills are actively utilised.
  • Provide staff with coaching, mentoring and supervision in an open and equal environment to support positive development, self-awareness, knowledge, skills, good practice and team-work.
  • Provide clear leadership and management through good communication, clear direction, positive role modelling, open and honest ethos, use mistakes to learn and improve our service, understanding the needs of the residents and staff, recognising and promoting people’s skills and strengths, recognition and thanks for achievements and hard work.
  • Promote team-work by having regular meetings, supervisions, staff understanding others roles, respecting each other, having a fair, equal and professional environment, people feeling valued and listened too.
  • Promoting positive risk taking to ensure access to new opportunities and experiences. Treat everyone with equal respect regardless of their culture, religion, age, race sexual orientation or disability.

Developing skills

  • Respect people’s rights to make their own choices and decisions about how they want to live their life.
  • Ensure support is both personal and dignified and promotes independence and well-being, by continual assessment, well trained staff and support of keyworkers.
  • Supporting people to identify, set, review and achieve goals.
  • Encourage all to be the best version of themselves.
  • Encourage and provide experiences that enrich individual’s lives.
  • Motivate all to further develop themselves and the service.
  • Provide the necessary support to develop and learn new skills.


  • Provide opportunities for residents to access the local community and build relationships. To support residents to be valued and involved in our local community.
  • Engage with the local community to foster partnership working.
  • Staff to represent the company values when working in the community.
  • Invite the community into our homes to build a sense of belonging in our neighbourhood.
  • To promote our ethos of high-quality person-centred support, by activity encouraging feedback from residents, staff, relatives and external professionals.
  • To be an open, approachable service able to respond to feedback and make positive changes.


  • Provide all residents with access to a wide range of stimulating and meaningful activities by considering each individuals choice, ability, physical and mental needs, goals and aspirations.
  • Provide jobs within the home, these could be paid or therapeutic.
  • Encourage residents to have roles and responsibilities within the home.
  • Encourage residents to support and help one another.
  • Encourage staff and residents to access further education, e.g. college/ Diplomas.
  • Identifying activities, jobs, tasks, that are person-centred.

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