Staff Stories

When I first started at Carricksbrook I didn’t know what to expect. Throughout the 4 years I have worked here I have been amazed at how much people take things for granted, like the small things we do for our residents that makes everyday so rewarding even if it’s just a smile or a laugh. We are like a big family that has each other’s back no matter what. Supporting residents is a life of happiness and fulfilment with everything we help them do.


“Working at Carricks makes you feel a part of a great family. The everyday meetings with our residents and the support we give them on a daily basis, gives a better meaning to my days. Carricks Brook is a place where the residents have an opportunity to choose from a range of different activities and go out everyday.”


At Carricks Brook the management really listen, I feel listened to, and I know it will be actioned. Management also make you feel really valued. The recognition you get from the residents for helping them warms your heart. 


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