Staff Stories

“One thing I love about working at Carricks Brook is being able to help our residents live fulfilling lives by assisting them to access activities and experiences they are interested in and enjoying these activities with them.”


“Working at Carricks makes you feel a part of a great family. The everyday meetings with our residents and the support we give them on a daily basis, gives a better meaning to my days. Carricks Brook is a place where the residents have an opportunity to choose from a range of different activities and go out everyday.”


“I started working at Carricks Brook over 5 years ago. Working at Carricks has changed my outlook on work, it doesn’t feel like a job when you love what you do every day. Every day is different and the residents are incredible, they teach us so much about life and to be able to create a happy, fulfilling life for them is the best feeling in the world.”


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