Staff Stories

When I first started at Carricksbrook I didn’t know what to expect. Throughout the 4 years I have worked here I have been amazed at how much people take things for granted, like the small things we do for our residents that makes everyday so rewarding even if it’s just a smile or a laugh. We are like a big family that has each other’s back no matter what. Supporting residents is a life of happiness and fulfilment with everything we help them do.


At Carricks Brook the management really listen, I feel listened to, and I know it will be actioned. Management also make you feel really valued. The recognition you get from the residents for helping them warms your heart. 


“I really enjoy working at Carricks, it is my first time working in care and I wasn’t too sure if I would be suitable for it or it for me. However, it has been a revelation and I found that my life has changed because of it and in some ways I wish I had started working in care earlier in life. I think that working with autistic adults is fascinating and I learn something new every day.

I have been keyworking with one of our residents with another colleague and find that it brings a different dimension to my relationship as I have to be involved with their family and help with their personal requirements like supporting them to buy gifts for their family or to help them with buying their clothing or toiletries and to be the person they can come to if they want to go somewhere for a day out or holiday and be their advocate. I haven’t been a keyworker for very long but I hope that I can help to give my resident the best opportunities in life. 


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